"The Voice" May 2020

May 2020 Issue

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From Our Pastor.....

“When will you be back? When will you establish your reign on earth?” the disciples asked Jesus … to which he replied, “God only knows! And he hasn’t told even me.”

Well, apparently the same is true of the end of COVID-19 and the establishment of whatever “normal” is going to be! And just like the disciples’ being a little anxious at being without Jesus in-person, we’re a little anxious about not being with each other in-person. Just like they looked forward to Christ’s returning, we’re looking forward to COVID’s leaving.

How did Jesus’ followers cope? They continued to worship God, recorded stories about Jesus that would come to be known as the Gospels, wrote letters that would come to be known as the Epistles, continued to study the Hebrew scriptures, shared their faith with people wherever they went and then baptized those who came to know Christ, celebrated holy communion, prayed, fed the hungry, clothed the naked, met the basic needs of the lowest in their society who had no voice (power), etc.

They did a LOT – all while waiting for and believing in Christ’s return in-person. What they didn’t do was see Christ’s return on a cosmic level – but look what they accomplished!

So, you probably know where I’m going with this … Yes, they gathered together – and we can do that too, even today, just a little differently than before. And we can do all of the things they did – on an even bigger scale with the phenomenal means we have.


So, yes, I know you’re fatigued, bored, stressed, anxious … need I go on? I think we all are to some degree. How can we cope? Maybe by doing the same things those 1st century Christians did, just in 21st century ways. After all, that’s what it means to be a disciple of Christ.

Know that I love you, I pray for you, and I hope to see you in-person soon.
Come, Lord Jesus. Come now. 

In Christ’s love,

Pastor Sheree



New Online Bible Study to Begin!

Unafraid by Adam Hamilton
5 Session Study with free online video
May 12 - June 9
2:00 to 3:00 PM (discussion thru Zoom)

Facilitator:  Sue Owens
Book cost:  $20
(The books are actually $24. If you are able to contribute more so that we can offer a scholarship/partial scholarship, that would be great!)

For anyone struggling with fear, worry, or anxiety, or who wonders how families and communities can live as peacemakers in troubled times, Unafraid offers an informed and inspiring message full of practical solutions.

Each participant will watch a video each week (from home) on the Cokesbury website (Sue will provide the link). Then, all participants will join in a discussion of the video and corresponding chapter in the book via a Zoom meeting (Sue will provide the information needed to join the meeting).

Contact Sue at programdirector@spumctx.org,
no later than
MONDAY, MAY 4TH to SIGN UP for the study and to request a BOOK.



Water Bottle Ministry

We would normally be starting the Water Bottle Ministry at Elm Creek Park the end of May. However, because of the coronavirus, we are still on hold for now.
Please consider volunteering to help Darleen Allan service the ice chests at the park once we begin. You are guaranteed to be blessed!

Be watching for more information in hopefully the near future!

Cooking Camp

Cooking Camp has been put on hold for now. However, in the near future, we hope to be able to make a decision and then move forward. We have our team in place and preparations are being made. If we are able to have Cooking Camp, we will once again need your support providing some of the food items.
More to come in hopefully the near future!


Memorial Blessings

Trustees Chairman Mary Anne Hopper submitted a request in early February to the memorial Committee for $2664.00 for the purchase of a new refridgerator for the Fellowship Hall kitchen to replace the 15 year old failing appliance. 

The requested funds were approved by all member of the Memorial Committee.

After an extensive search online and onsite, a 23 cubic foot commercial refrigerator was purchased from Mission Restraunt Supply of San Antonio. The regrigerator is made in the U.S.A. by TRUE Manufacturing Co., carries an eight year full coverage warrenty, and an Energy STAR rating. The new refrigerator was installed in the St. Paul's Fellowship Hall kitchen on March 11, 2020.

Memorials are given in memory of church members. Each is acknowledged with a letter to the member's family and to the ones giving the memorial gift. The members name is written in the Memorial Book located int eh church foyer. 

Norma Richardson & Vivian Harrell, Memorial Committee Co-Chairmen



The mission emphasis for May is the Lydia Patterson Institute in El Paso. We have contributed to their building fund drives and scholarship programs in the past so many of you will remember that this is the Methodist sponsored 7th through 12th grade private school founded in 1913 by Methodist women's leader Lydia Patterson. The schools founding principle was to provide a top notch education for children from very poor neighborhoods in El Paso and Juarez, and this continues to this day. LPI operates solely on private and church based donations. Students participate in the operation and maintenance of the institute to earn their scholarships and they have an extremely high rate of graduation and college/university attendance. Please join me in continuing to support this wonderful ministry.


Dave Rush

Mary Ellen Hobbs has moved!

Mary Ellen sent us a change of address and asked us to share with everyone that she has moved to New Braunfels. 

Mary Ellen Hobbs
2354 Brittany Grace
New Braunfels, TX  78130

Mary Ellens complete contact information can be found in online church directory in the member area of our website. You can sign in to the member area at any time to see all updated information. 


The following note was received from the Hill Country Crisis Council:

Dear Members,
We at HillCountry Crisis Council serve a population of domestic violence and/or sexual assualt. With recent things going on in thes world, such as COVID-19, essentials are hard to come by.
On behalf of our staff, board of electors, and clients, we would like to thank you for the toilet paper that you so kindly donated. You pray for us, we'll pray for you and watch God change things.

To God Be The Glory!!
Marie Collins
Shelter Advocate

St. Paul's United Methodist Church

Dear Friends,
     On behalf of the Board and Staff at the Doyle Community Center, we wish to "Thank you" for the Easter Bags provided for our community children. MaGO ever bless you for your generosity.

Lois Shaw
Facility Manager

Are you in need of a facemask?

We understand that sometimes you must get out to go to a doctor's appointment or pick up prescriptions, etc. As you know, we have been encouraged by our national and state leaders to wear masks when we must go out. We at St. Paul's wanted to let you know that two of our church members, Carol Pope and Ruth Steele, have made face masks and would like to share them with you.
You will need to call Carol or Ruth if you would like a mask and make arrangements with them to get one. Their phone numbers are below.

Carol -- 830-377-1412
Ruth -- 830-739-7052

Thank you, Carol and Ruth, for your generosity!


Curbside Service for Upper Room Devotionals

On Tuesday, April 28 and Thursday, April 30, we set up curbside distribution for the May/June Upper Room Devotionals and had a good response. If you are still in need of your devotional, please contact Sue in the office. Upper Room as made an exception during this time to also post the daily meditations directly on our website through June 30, 2020. These can be found under the St Paul's Blogs tab each day. 


Thank you Ruth for sharing face masks with us!


Christ Crew Youth meets for fellowship
on Sundays 6-8 pm 

Greetings Church,

I hope this finds you doing well and surviving the current situation that we find ourselves in. The Christ Crew youth are doing fine with all things considered. They have adjusted well to the new way of learning through virtual school and are looking forward to the summer and hopefully back to “normal” schooling in the fall. They have also been keeping busy with helping their families with home improvements, with projects from yard work, painting, and even a full kitchen remodel. We hope to see you all soon (face to face).

Many blessings,

Kelley Schneider

Youth Director - SPUMC

Please visit the Christ Crew web page or follow us on social media to see pictures of all of our past events and to stay updated on all our future events.

Webpage: https://spumctx.org/christ_crew_youth


@christcrewspumc                        @christcrew1                               christcrewspumc

   Christ Crew Pictures  


Technology Corner…..

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for the wonderful feedback you have provided about the online services, devotionals and other areas of media! It is truely a team effort for us to put all this together for you each week. 

One of the biggest quirks we had dicovered was members not being able to comment on the Livestream services. Through trial and error, it was discovered that you would have to sign up for a free account with Livestream and be logged in to make comments or like.

If you are not logged in when you try to comment, it will give you a pop up asking you to log in, so please don't forget what password you used. Write it down somewhere safe if needed. If you need to reset your password, there is a "forgot password" link that will send you a "reset password" email. So you will need to have your email available to reset if you have forgotten your password. If you don't see it, check your junk mail. Often it has been found in there. The reset email usually arrives within just a few minutes to your inbox. 

Another note about signing in on Livestream - if you do not let us know that you watched, we cannot count you in our attendance. I can see the number of hits received, but unless you comment, like or otherwise let me know, I do not know you watched. You are still counted even if you watch later in the day or week. Attendance is important for us as it is reported to the Annual Conference.

We are also continually working on ideas and trying to update/add to our website what is needed. If you see something missing or needing updated, let us know. Don't forget, if you log in to the member area, there is a chruch directory and you can update your information there. The prayer requests are located in this area as well. If you need your login information, please let me know. 

One last thing I would like to mention - Facebook and other social media is a great way to remain in contact. It is also a great evangalism tool, but it only works if our posts are liked and shared by you. Let's get our messages out to the rest of the world! Share with your friends and invite them to watch our Livestreams.  Let's bring God's message to everyone out there.

Please be patient with me as I work to address any concerns, but also please be sure to let me know your concerns as I cannot fix it if I don’t know what is going on, so please let me know what you need. 

One final note on this last part – I may not be able to immediately address your concerns if I am working in the A/V booth. Sometimes it is just me back there. I do see the texts messages, comments and emails, but most likely I already know the issue is happening and working on a fix for it. If I don’t acknowledge you right away, please understand that I am probably just working on the issue already. Thank you for your understanding.

Be Blessed,

Judy L. Phillips
Technology Coordinator



Pursuing Holiness by Philip Nation

Members of the adult Sunday school classes are participating in an online Bible study called Pursuing Holiness. This Sunday will be the last lesson, however the study will remain on the website for anyone who would like to go through the study at a later time.  A separate link is posted for each audio lesson. 
A guide is available by email to use to follow along and take notes while listening to the audio file.
and you can contact Sue at programdirector@spumctx.org if you would like a guide sent to you by email.

This study will remain on the website after completed to be accessed by anyone at any time. 




Mike and Kay Bradish - 5/01

Jim and Judy Phillips - 5/03

Jessie and Tanya Jimenez - 5/28




Margaret Barnhart  5/3

Kelley Schneider  5/5

Stormy Armstong  5/6

Brent Cloyd  5/15

Suzanne Faught  5/15

Jessica Blair  5/17

Paul Cloyd  5/19

Alban Jimenez  5/19

Angel Flores  5/20

Marlene Mitchell  5/20

Jeanine Kenworthy   5/22


Rev. Dan Sebesta 5/24

Tom Cole 5/24

Jessica Holland 5/25

Emma Fintel 5/26

Markayla Phillips 5/26

Charlene Downey-Rouse 5/28

Jean Beall 5/29

Evelyn Selfridge 5/29

Dawn Forester 5/30

Bradley Sherrer 5/30

Kelly Bridgeman 5/31


LPI's Capital Campaign

A Vision for the Future:

In conjunction with celebrating its 100th birthday in 2013, Lydia Patterson Institute is embarking on the largest Capital Campaign in its history to ensure its future as one of the nation’s most unique multi-cultural educational institutions. We are excited to embark on this effort and are seeking assistance from individuals, foundations, and others institutions, large and small, to help continue this legacy well into the 21st century.

For additional information, please see their page by clicking here.



The Christian Women's Job Corps is collecting and sending coupons (from newspapers or magazines) to active and veteran military members for use at PX's (shopettes) and commissaries.
*Out-of-date coupons will still be honored. You may put coupons in the basket in the Narthex (foyer).



Christian Assistance Ministries (C.A.M.)

We are always needing to restock our shelves for those who will need assistance. All donations are appreciated. Thank you for your generosity!

The following are the most needed C.A.M. Foods:

Canned Vegetables -- Canned Fruit --  Boxed Cereals -- Canned Beans

Soups -- Meats -- Rice (1 lb commercial box or bag) -- Ramen -- Noodles -- Jello

Gently worn clothes, especially work clothes for men, and linens are also welcome!


For more information found in this newsletter or on our calendar of events please visit our website at www.spumctx.org

You can also find links to to upcoming Sunday Livestreams and much more!

Find us on Facebook!   @StPaulsUMCKerrville


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Programs Coordinator, Sue Owens – programdirector@spumctx.org
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