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I think we’re all looking forward to the new year, praying and hoping that it will be a better one than 2020 has been! I’ve encouraged us to look for our blessings amid our challenges, so heeding my own counsel, I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge one of our great blessings here at St. Paul’s.

We have had a group of leaders who have worked hard and risen to the challenge of filling staff positions, doing old things in new ways, staying calm in the midst of ever-changing circumstances, encouraging each other and our community, and so much more. So, I hope you will join me in saying to the leaders of 2020, “Thank you very, very much!”

Many of those leaders are joining some new folks in our leadership team for 2021. You can find out who they are on pages 4 - 6 of this newsletter. You might want to keep this list handy so that you can pray for them as they lead our church’s ministry; when you need something you’ll know who to call, and so that when they call you, you’ll be ready to say, “Yes!.” I believe that this blend of leaders, seasoned with St. Paul’s special spice and some fresh new additions, will produce some great ministry!

Please know that now and throughout the year I’ll be praying for you, our church and its leaders, and our ministry together. Let us remember that with God all things are possible! (Matthew 19:26)

Happy New Year and may God bless you in all things,

Pastor Sheree




We will present the cantata,

The Light before Christmas,

on Sunday, January 3, during our regular worship service.

The church WILL NOT be open for in-person worship,

however, we will LiveStream the service on Sunday morning

and it will be available on the website thereafter.

Please join us virtually wherever you are and invite your friends!



The church is closed this week, December 29 - January 4, because of COVID-19 and the New Year’s holiday, however, the staff will be in the office
December 29 – December 31. If you need something, please don’t hesitate to call us. Our leadership team will meet again on January 4 to determine how we go forward from that date, so please watch your email and our website for further updates.





We pray that this New Year will be a happy and healthy one
for your family and for the world!

The church office will be closed Monday, January 4,
in observance
of New Year’s Day.


“God’s Promises for the New Year” Devotionals

During the month of January, we will post a promise (Bible verse) each day as a devotional under the Blogs tab on the St. Paul’s website.
We invite you to share how this promise gives you hope as we begin the new year.


January/February Upper Room Devotional Books

  1. January/February Upper Room devotional books will be available for pickup outside the church office door beginning Tuesday, December 29 through Thursday, January 7. y will be available during office hours:
    9:00 to 4:00 Monday – Thursday.



At our Administrative Board meeting last November and our Charge Conference on December 6, we elected our leaders for the new year 2021. We want to thank those who helped lead us in 2020, a very challenging year!

Below are the persons elected to serve in 2021 and their respective positions. Please hold them in your prayers as they lead us in ministry as our world continues to evolve and change.

Admin: Dolores Schroeder   Library: Rosalie Pinson
Finance: Doug Wilbourn     UMW Pres.: (elect their own)
Trustees: (Elect their own)   Hospitality: Sandy Granzow
SPRC: Skipper Lister     Care Givers: Delay until post-COVID
Lay Leadership: Sheree Harris   Emmaus Coor.: Ruth Strackbein
Worship: Sheree Harris     Archivist: Rosalie Pinson
Endowment: Brian Mitchell    
Missions: Dwayne Brown    
Communications: Dolores Schroeder    
Education: Lynette Wedig    
Memorial Fund Chair.: Jerry Peebles  
Chair: Dolores Schroeder  
Vice Chair: Debbie Allbritton  
Secretary: Stormy Armstrong  
Treasurer: Doug Wilbourn    
Lay Leader: Lois Shaw    
Librarian: Rosalie Pinson    
Pastor: Sheree Harris    
Lay Delegate: Bob Watson    
Alt. Lay Delegate: Carolyn Watson    
At Large Members
2021 Class   2022 Class 2023 Class
Jeanine Kenworthy   (no longer electing) (no longer electing)





Chair: Skipper Lister    
Lay Delegate: Bob Watson    
At Large Members
2021 Class   2022 Class 2023 Class
Skipper Lister   Dolores Schroeder Stormy Armstrong
Lois Shaw   Brian Mitchell Neva Nicholson
Chair: Pastor Sheree Harris  
Lay Leader: Lois Shaw    
    At Large Members  
2021 Class   2022 Class 2023 Class
David Seals   Roy Allbritton Jean Beall
Bob Watson   Rita Mauldin Lois Lister
Chair: Doug Wilbourn    
Financial Secretary: Lisa Jeffcoat    
Treasurer: Doug Wilbourn    
Ex-Officio members
Pastor: Sheree Harris    
Lay Leader: Lois Shaw    
Admin. Council Chair: Dolores Schroeder  
SPRC Chair: Skipper Lister    
Trustees' Chair: (elect their own)    
Endowment Fund Chair: Brian Mitchell    
Memorial Fund Chair: Jerry Peebles    
At Large Members
2021 Class   2022 Class 2023 Class
Sheryl Butler   Erma Mullins-Sutton (no longer electing)
Doug Wilbourn      


Chair: (elect their own)    
Vice Chair: (elect their own)    
At Large Members
2021 Class   2022 Class 2023 Class
Paul Hulse   Mary Anne Hopper Gary Rauls
Eddie Pinson   Linda Bewley Leland Clancy
Ruth Steele   Karen McFaul Neva Nicholson
Chair: Dwayne Brown      
    At Large Members  
2021 Class   2022 Class 2023 Class
Joann Bohler   (no longer electing) (no longer electing)
Janet D'Aquino      
Chair: Brian Mitchell      
Ex-officio members: Trustee Rep: (chosen by Trustees)  
  Finance Chair: Doug Wilbourn  
    At Large Members  
2021 Class   2022 Class 2023 Class
Sandy Wilbourn   Carrol Faught Pam Blommers


Chair: Jerry Peebles      
    At Large Members  
2021 Class   2022 Class 2023 Class
Sandy Granzow   Jane Hutchinson Elizabeth Van Pelt
Vivian Harrell   Susan Breda Jerry Peebles
      Lois Lister
Chair: Pastor Sheree Harris  
Sacraments: Lois Shaw, Erma Mullins-Sutton  
Ushers: Bob Watson    
Choir Director: Marsha McCoy Sebesta  
Pianist: Tom Cole    
Visuals: Elizabeth Van Pelt  
A/V: Christopher Rotge  


By: Rosalie Pinson

HAPPY NEW YEAR ! to one and all, here at St. Paul's U.M.C.
We've all suffered a very unsettling year throughout most of 2020,
because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We will let you know when the library at St. Paul's is open again.
When it re-opens, it will only be on Thursdays, 9:30 a.m. until noon.

Please come "masked-up" during those hours on Thursdays,
and check out our wonderful collection.
We have Books, DVDs, United Methodist Women's Reading List offerings,
Large Print, Books on CD, Young Adult, Methodist, and Children's Sections.

You're sure to find something interesting to read.
Peruse the collection, select one or more items,
and follow the "check-out" instructions on the table just inside the library.

May this new year of 2021 bring you God's Blessings of
Good Health & Happiness!


Thank you, St. Paul’s, for your support of the Giving Tree! Because of your generosity, we were able to meet some of the needs of the women and children currently staying at the Women’s Shelter and were also able to provide the shelter with needed items to have on hand as they begin the new year and minister to more women!





As always, we begin our monthly mission emphasis calendar for the new year with our good friends at CAM (Christian Assistance Ministry). CAM is operated by a coalition of more than forty churches here in Kerr County and serves the people of our area with a food pantry, a used clothing shop and limited financial aid which helps pay utility bills and first time prescription costs. CAM also hosts monthly food fairs in the parking lot of the facility and other activities during the year. This wonderful organization depends completely on private and organizational donations to meet operating costs and to continue to serve our community. Our congregation has been very generous in supporting CAM throughout the year but in January, we make it our special point of emphasis.

Thank you, in advance, for supporting this ministry and its outreach in this community.




Technology Corner….

Online Giving is now LIVE!

This is a fast, easy and secure way to make contributions to the church. The website is partnered with PayPal to provide a secure checkout process and protect your information.
The link to the Giving Online form is found on the Home page of our website.

We are charged a small processing fee which you have the option to help us cover with your contribution. This is completely optional, however, please be aware if you choose not to help cover the processing fee, the amount that the church receives your contribution less the amount of the processing fees.

Example: a $20 contribution has a $0.91 processing fee. If you choose not to cover this, then what the church will recieve is $19.09.






Tom & Celina Price 1/2
John & Lee Ann Allen 1/5
Carroll & Linda Faught 1/26







Joe Perez 1/1

Jane Rose 1/1

Mike Butler 1/3

Nila King 1/3

Madelene Bridgeman 1/6

Mary Vestuto 1/7

Lynda Bewley 1/7

Debbie Taylor 1/8

Susan Fifer 1/9

Laura Seals 1/10


Doc Pope 1/10

Wendy Sherrer 1/16

Adriana Castillo 1/16

Susie Tafoya-Bonner 1/18

Tanya Jimenez 1/21

Joann Bohler 1/26

Vicki Clancy 1/28

Arlene Wheaton 1/29

Suze Cook 1/31

Debbie Allbritton 1/31

Vivian Harrell 1/31








Local Ministries We Support Year-Round

Christian Assistance Ministries (C.A.M.)

Canned Vegetables -- Canned Fruit -- Boxed Cereals -- Canned Beans
Soups -- Meats -- Rice (1 lb commercial box or bag) -- Ramen -- Noodles -- Jello
Gently worn clothes, especially work clothes for men, and linens are also welcome!



For more information found in this newsletter or on our calendar of events
please visit our website at

You can also find links to to upcoming Sunday Live Streams and much more!

Find us on Facebook! @StPaulsUMCKerrville


Important Email Addresses:

Pastor Sheree Harris - pastor@spumctx.org
Church Admin Assistant, Debbie Taylor -- office@spumctx.org
Programs Coordinator, Sue Owens – programdirector@spumctx.org
Financial Secretary, Lisa Jeffcoat - finance@spumctx.org
Technology Coordinator, Chris Rotge- technology@spumctx.org

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