“The Voice” February 2020

“The Voice” February 2020

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From Our Pastor.....

     Colors are important. They add beauty to our world, and they’re used symbolically to represent things that are important to us—think “red, white, and blue,” and your school  colors.

     In the church, we use colors in both of those ways. Our liturgical
calendar is defined by events important to the formation and the life of the church, and each season has its color which is reflected in the paraments and the stole worn by the pastor.

     The color for baptism is white for the resurrection/new life symbolized in this sacrament. There is no color designated for the sacrament for holy communion, so I have used different colors and textures of bread to reflect the essence of each season.

     Advent and Lent are both confessional seasons, times set apart to look inside of our selves, acknowledging that everything within us is not as it should be, as we 
prepare for the coming of Christ and his resurrection. I use a “heavy” whole wheat bread for Advent, signifying the importance of the hard work we do during this season as we allow God to bring us to wholeness.

     I use pumpernickel for Lent, a very dark and dense bread to reflect the darkness within ourselves and our world through which we must go as we follow Christ Jesus through his crucifixion. It’s a bitter sweet bread to remind us of Christ’s suffering.

     It’s messy to serve, but a bloody broken body is messy. Both of these breads are tempered with the sweetness of the grape juice, always
reminding us of the resurrection.

     When we emerge from these confessional seasons into the celebratory seasons of Christmas and Easter, we have confronted our sin, and Christ has come into our world (yet again) and has defeated sin and death.  As we stand in the Light, I use sweet Hawaiian bread, a light white bread,
because it’s all good!

     During the rest of the year I use sourdough, a hearty, tough bread with just a twinge of sour to remind of Christ’s work and ours that’s not always easy.  Again, this sourness is complimented with the sweetness of the juice as Christ redeems us, encourages us, and calls us onward.

      I hasten to add that “dark” has been automatically interpreted by some as bad. This interpretation has been miss used to hurt people throughout history.  This is wrong. I speak here only of the spiritual darkness inside all of us that we must confront, and it is in this confrontation that we grow in Christ.

      The sacraments are deeply meaningful to me, and I am fed in so many ways at Christ's table. I pray that you are too, and I hope that this
explanation of the variety of breads is helpful to you.


Pastor Sheree

Black History Celebration
Saturday, February 1 @ 5 pm
Doyle School Community Center
 Speaker: Sylvia Doyle

Everyone is welcome to come and listen to Sylvia!

Theme: “Living Our History”

Operation Share the Love

We have each been chosen by God and are dearly loved by him (Colossians 3:12). 
It’s a kind of love that goes
far beyond February 14.  And, it’s a kind of love we are
meant to share with others.

So, during the month of February, let’s consider sharing this love, in more intentional ways, with one another and with our neighborhood and community.

The children will be decorating Valentine boxes for the shut-ins and would love for members of the congregation to help fill the boxes with cards and “love” messages!

You can use your own cards/stationery or there will be Valentine cards
available for you to pick up in the Narthex on Sunday February 2

The cards and “love” messages will need to be returned to the Narthex
the following Sunday, February 9.

Be attentive to more ways we can “Share the Love”!


Attention Women of St. Paul’s!!
Date: Saturday, February 22
Time: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Where: St. Paul’s UMC
Speaker: Pastor Sheree

Cost: $15 (includes lunch)
Please REGISTER by Monday, February 3

(You can register online at www.spumctx.org or in the church office)

Join with other Sisters in Christ as we learn and grow in our understanding of the joy God brings to our journey. We will also enjoy inspiring worship and messages as well as be blessed by some wonderful fellowship and fun!

Invite a friend or neighbor to join you!


Lenten Study

The Walk by Adam Hamilton

Wednesdays – February 26 – April 1
10:30 AM in Fellowship Hall

Book cost is $14
Sign-up by Sunday, February 16

Facilitators: Lois Shaw & Dave Rush

In The Walk, Adam Hamilton focuses on five essential spiritual practices that are rooted in Jesus’ own walk with God and taught throughout the New Testament – Worship & Prayer, Studying, Serving, Giving, and Sharing. In each chapter, Hamilton explores one of these practices, its New Testament foundation, and what it looks like to pursue this practice daily in our personal life and together in the life of the church.

Refreshments will be provided by the Education Team.

See "Harriet" in our Fellowship Hall at 1 P.M., Thursday, February 6th! 

It's the story of Harriet Tubman, who helped free hundreds of slaves through the Underground Railroad (a network of people), after escaping herself in 1849. 
It's free...just bring your Coke or Pepsi, if desired.




Ages 3 & 4 — $20
Ages 5 - Grade 5 — $30

Registration forms will be available in the church office beginning Monday, March 2. 
Registration forms will also be posted on the St. Paul’s website.

Christ Crew Youth meets for fellowship
on Sundays 6-8 pm 

Greetings SPUMC,

The Christ Crew wants to give a BIG THANK YOU to all that attended our lunch fundraiser. I hope each of you enjoyed the wonderful food and the table side service provided by the youth. We are preparing to attend the mid winter retreat in Glenn Rose, TX and will provide plenty of pictures on our social media sites when we return.

We are also preparing an Easter Program with a lyrical dance and a shadow play. More information will be provided as we get closer to Easter.

Thanks again for all the support you provide to our youth!                                                                                          
Many Blessings,
Kelley Schneider, Youth Director

Please visit the Christ Crew web page or follow us on social media to see pictures of all of our past events and to stay updated on all our future events.
Webpage: https://spumctx.org/christ_crew_youth


@christcrewspumc                        @christcrew1                               christcrewspumc

   Christ Crew Pictures  


Emmaus News Corner #58

The Hill Country Emmaus Men’s Walk is getting closer and closer.  Men’s Walk HC #57 will begin on April 23 and will end on April 26, 2020.  You still have plenty of time to fill out an application.  It is found on the Emmaus bulletin board in the church hall.  If you would like to apply, please let me know and I will be happy to help with the process.

Our next Hill Country Emmaus Community Gathering will be on   Monday, February 3, 2020.  The pot luck meal will be at 6:00 in the gym with the praise and worship service to follow at 6:30 in the  sanctuary.  Please bring a pot luck dish, side or dessert for the meal.

Come join our Emmaus community with great food, fellowship and worship of our Lord.  You will undoubtedly leave revitalized and fulfilled.

See you on February 3rd at First UMC at 6:00 P.M.    

                                                                                                              De Colores!           Ruth Strackbein

United Methodist Women

Our next UMW meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 11, at 1:00 PM , (INSTEAD OF OUR USUAL TIME). The program, “How Light Gets In”, will be presented by Delores Schroeder.  We welcome you ALL for an afternoon of Christian fellowship and look forward to seeing you.

McCurdy Indian School is no longer accepting the actual Box Top labels, so there is no need to save them in the envelope on the bulletin board.  Thank you to everyone who faithfully placed them there.

UMW Sunday will be February 2. One of our newest members, Lynette Wedig, will offer the message this year. Thank you, Lynette!

                                            Blessings,  Louise Rush 

Memorial Blessings

Memorial donations are given in memory or in honor of a church member. Each gift is acknowledged with a note to the family and the ones giving the memorial. The name is then written in the permanent memorial book located in the church foyer. 
Norma Richardson and Vivian Harrell
Memorial Co-Chairmen

The following are the names of those for whom we have received memorial donations in January 2020.

In Memory of:  Geneva Widener



By: Rosalie Pinson

February is often thought of as the month of LOVE.

Your St. Paul's Library has many choices on that LOVE theme for you to consider and to check out.

Whether it's God's love for you, our love for our neighbor in prayer or service, human-romantic love, parent-child love, facing life alone after the death of our loved ones, or pets -- the library has a book to speak to your need.

Please come visit and find your own "Book of Love."

Your library is staffed, Thursdays 9:30 a.m. until noon, and on Sunday mornings.
If it is loc
ked, please ask someone in the church office to open it for you.

The Missions Team met on the evening of January 16th to go shopping for supplies to build 20 Flood Buckets for the UMC disaster relief effort. They will be put together and delivered to the warehouse up at Mt. Wesley in the near future, if they have not already been completed by the time the newsletter comes out.
Dave Rush


Thank you for your support of the Christian Assistance Ministry (CAM). They are an important part of our community reaching out to those in need.

     The mission emphasis for the month of February is our own St. Paul's youth group—Christ Crew. We have a wonderful group of young people and leaders in our church and this month we have another opportunity to assist and support them in all of their many projects and activities. They do so much for our church in the way of help projects, mission trips, bible studies and so many others. Let us show our appreciation by contributing to their cause in the course of the coming month.


Dave Rush


Sign-up for Altar Flowers

If you would like to designate the altar flowers in honor or in memory of someone, or a special event, or just because, please sign-up on the bulletin board in the hallway

The cost is $35 and can be paid in the church office.


The Christian Women's Job Corps is collecting and sending coupons (from newspapers or magazines) to active and veteran military members for use at PX's (shopettes) and commissaries.
*Out-of-date coupons will still be honored. You may put coupons in the basket in the Narthex (foyer).

Christian Assistance Ministries (C.A.M.)

C.A.M is currently in need of all types of linens—
towels and wash clothes, bedding, pillows, blankets.
We are also currently in need of men’s and children’s Clothing.

If you have anything that you are not using, or just looking to replace what you have, please consider donating these items to C.A.M. 
We are always needing to restock our shelves for those who will need assistance.

All donations are appreciated and thank you for your generosity!

Richard & Pat Will - 2/16

           David & Donna Hendrickson - 2/16


Virginia Casey  - 2/1
Lynette Wedig  - 2/1
Michael Schneider - 2/4
Jerry Peebles - 2/5
Sandy Wilbourn - 2/8
Gerry Reinhardt - 2/12
Denny Menck - 2/13
Olivia Bridgeman - 2/14
Gail Mitchell - 2/16
Jim Roth - 2/17

Joan Bennett - 2/17
Rev. Tom Price - 2/17

Marsha McCoy-Sebesta2/17
Norma Richardson - 2/19
Richard Reid - 2/19
Glenn Wittge - 2/22
Olivia Schneider - 2/23
Edythe Bowdy - 2/24
Leslie Russell - 2/27
Rev. Sherry Strain - 2/28


For more information found in this newsletter or on our calendar of events please visit our website at www.spumctx.org

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Upcoming Events

Wed, January 29, 2020
  • Low Impact Exercise Class
    9:30 AM
    This is a class for all ability levels and everyone is welcome!!
  • Women's Emmaus Reunion (P)
    10:00 AM to 12:00 AM
    Women's Emmaus Reunion "Blessed Friends" Fellowship Meets in the Parlor every Wednesday
  • Chancel Choir
    5:30 PM
    Chancel Choir meets weekly in the choir room to prepare for Sunday Worship
Thu, January 30, 2020
  • Men of St. Paul's Bible Study
    6:45 AM to 7:45 AM
    The men meet every Thursday morning for a short Bible study before starting their day.
  • Church Library Open Until Noon
    9:30 AM to 12:00 PM
    Your library is staffed on Thursdays 9:30 a.m. until noon, and on Sunday mornings.  If it is locked, please ask someone in the church office to open it for you.
  • Hand Bell Practice
    4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
    The Hand Bell Choir meets weekly in the Bell room in Fellowship Hall to practice for upcoming special music through out the year.
Sun, February 2, 2020
  • Women's Emmaus Reunion (FH)
    5:00 PM to 5:30 PM
    Women's Emmaus Reunion meets in the Fellowship Hall
  • Men's Emmaus Reunion (CR)
    5:00 PM
  • Christ Crew Youth
    6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
    Youth 6th through 12th grades meet in the Youth Room in the Great Hall (Gray Education Building) every Sunday Evening from 6-8 pm. This weill be our Sunday evening worship, fellowship, and fun. There will be snack foods provided.
Mon, February 3, 2020
Tue, February 4, 2020

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