June 2020 Issue

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From Our Pastor.....

Members of our Administrative Council have begun to talk about how and when we relaunch our church. As I’ve said before, I hope we really will relaunch our faith community instead of merely reopen our facility.

We have an opportunity to learn, from this uninvited experience of being sheltered, some things about ourselves as individual Christians, about our church as a community, and about God. If we make time and space to reflect on what we’ve learned, we might just gain some insight into how we might serve Christ better going forward.

I firmly believe that God doesn’t wait for the perfect opportunity to work, so why should we? I believe God works in all things to bring about good. By the way, that’s not original with me…I read it somewhere a long time ago, and it stuck with me because it gives me hope. If God’s working in all things, we can capitalize on that by working with God.

It’s easy to lament the way things are and to dream of returning to the way things used to be. It’s more productive (and faithful) to work on the new way things can be. I encourage you to take time to reflect on how this time of change has changed you and us together, and see what God’s trying to say and do.

God is always doing something new. I heard that somewhere too, from my friend Isaiah. When it’s new and God’s in it, it’s always good. That means that if we do our part, we have something new to look forward to! That’s good news!

Stay safe. Be well.

Pastor Sheree



I feel a spiritual connection each Sunday morning as each of us signs in to view worship service online. While we miss the face-to-face experience, isn’t it wonderful that we still have the means to “gather” during the Coronavirus disaster! A saying I’ve read is that “The Church is not closed….only the buildings.”

It’s certainly true of St. Paul’s as our pastor, staff and volunteers ensure timely worship, and activities you will read about in this newsletter.

As to plans for the re-launching of worship in the sanctuary…I wanted to let you know that a sub-committee of the Ad Council has met as a first step in discussing the needs that must be met prior to any consideration for meeting in the building. Further discussions and a plan to implement recommended safety protocols will follow in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, perhaps you would like to consider how this period, unlike any ever known in our country, has affected your life. In what way will you apply that experience to supporting the mission at St. Paul’s?

Dolores Schroeder
Ad Council Chairperson

 Virtual Cooking Camp — “Bee-Attitudes”

Due to COVID 19, we will not be able to offer the face-to-face Cooking Camp on June 22-25. However, we have planned a Virtual Cooking Camp that will be posted on our website via video link on those same dates. So, much like our Daily Devotionals with music that are recorded and posted on the website for folks to watch, we will be doing the same with Cooking Camp.

Of course, we can’t capture all parts of the Cooking Camp experience, but we will be able to provide a lesson, skit, and recipe for each day of camp. We will also prepare craft packets that will be handed out via a “drive-thru” in the parking lot.

Our prayer is that this new opportunity for doing Cooking Camp will provide a positive, spiritual and fun experience for the children and their parents/guardians.


Online Bible Study

The Unafraid online Bible study by Adam Hamilton will continue through the week of June 8-12. Each week the link to the video and study guide are posted under the Blogs on the website. These will remain posted through the end of the study and can be accessed at any time.

The remaining lessons are:

Lesson 3 (Week of May 25) - Failure, Disappointing Others, Insignificance, and Loneliness
Lesson 4 (Week of June 1) - Apocalypse, Change, Missing Out, and Finances
Lesson 5 (Week of June 8) - Aging, Illness, Dying, and Fear of the Lord

Unafraid offers an informed and inspiring message full of practical solutions. Join in, and learn to identify fears and discover steps for overcoming fears, all in the light of Scripture.


Contact Sue at programdirector@spumctx.org if you have any questions

Adult Bible Class Bible Study

We will complete the last unit of the Spring quarter,  The Eternal King, on May 31st.  I am hopeful they will continue to offer the free online video lessons through the summer, but I do not know for sure.   If they do, then I will also provide lesson outlines and daily readings.  I will send an email update once I receive verification.

As a reminder, the link to the free video lessons, as well as the outline and daily readings, are posted under the Blogs on the St. Paul’s website. 


The mission emphasis for the month of June is the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference, which is also our national level qualifying charity for 5-Star Church status. In the early 1800's, when many tribes were relocated from Eastern and Southeastern states to what was to become Oklahoma, the UMC was instrumental in converting many to Christianity and helping to rebuild communities and establish churches.

In 1972 the General Conference acknowledged the importance of the Indian Missions and established the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference with the same rights and powers as an annual conference. Our donations will help to pay pastors and staff in small rural churches throughout the tribal reservation areas of Oklahoma and adjacent states and will support many important ministries of this native american conference.

As always, your generosity is greatly appreciated.




Are you in need of a facemask?

We understand that sometimes you must get out to go to a doctor's appointment or pick up prescriptions, etc. As you know, we have been encouraged by our national and state leaders to wear masks when we must go out. We at St. Paul's wanted to let you know that two of our church members, Carol Pope and Ruth Steele, have made face masks and would like to share them with you.
You will need to call Carol or Ruth if you would like a mask and make arrangements with them to get one. Their phone numbers are below.

Carol -- 830-377-1412
Ruth -- 830-739-7052

Thank you, Carol and Ruth, for your generosity!


Technology Corner…..

Hi Everyone!

This has been a pretty exciting time for me technology wise over the past couple of months. I have learned new tricks for uploading, splicing together and editing many things with the videos we have. I am excited to be working on the videos for the virtual Cooking Camp that we are doing this month. We will be having them posted on the website and families will be able to view lessons and cooking instructions together in their homes.

Speaking of the website, did you know that there is a fully updated directory in the member area? Because directories do have your personal information, it is in the secure member area of the website that requires you to login. Everyone was given a login ID and temporary password when the website was built (or when you joined the church).

Once you login you will see a Welcome with your name at the top and your profile information on the left. Important announcements are in the middle and birthdays/anniversaries on the right side. (See picture below of my Web Administrator page in the member area)

At the very top you can find member area links to:

 Main, Individuals, Family & Couples, Groups, Forums, a Bible search, Prayers and Logout.

The FULL directory is under Individuals. In the directory, you can search for names and even send an email directly to a member if they have an email.

I invite you to please login an explore this area. I think you will find this is a wonderful tool to help us keep in touch.

Be Blessed,

Judy L. Phillips
Technology Coordinator

*Note: Picture quality is blurry to keep personal information from being visible.





Al & Joann Bohler-06/05
Art & Gerry Reinhardt-06/07
Revs. Randall Hilburn & Pam Traver-Hilburn-06/07
Denny & Dawn L. Menck-06/08
Bill & Suzanne Faught-06/12
Dave & Louise Rush -06/19
Gary & Joyce Wilson-06/20
Ron & Dawn Perkins-06/22
Roy & Debbie Allbritton-06/23
Gene & Ruth Sanford-06/30




Hayden Hamby - 6/1

Linda Elkins - 6/3

Kevin Holland - 6/5

Ron Perkins - 6/7

Claire Nelms - 6/8



Ruth Strackbein - 6/11

Ashleigh Sherrer - 6/13

Dave Rush - 6/14

Katie Roth - 6/17

Bill "Bubba" Hall - 6/24

Jan Cannon - 6/28


Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference

     Under the Indian Removal Act, commonly known as “The Trail of Tears” whole tribes were moved from the Eastern and Southeastern states to Indian Territory.  Many among these tribes were converted to Christianity through the Methodist church. They were able to rebuild their communities and with the help of missionaries organize congregations and churches in what came to be known as Oklahoma.
     Today the OIMC continues to minister to the needs of Indian people.  The present membership is approximately 6,000 with 84 churches, several of these congregations being over 100 years old, five fellowships and a Church & Community center.  Oklahoma is home to the majority of our congregations; however we have one church in Dallas, Texas; three churches and one fellowship in Kansas. Presently there are two districts, Northern and Southern, with the conference headquartered in Oklahoma City.

For additional information, please see their page by clicking here.


Local Ministries we support year around


The Christian Women's Job Corps is collecting and sending coupons (from newspapers or magazines) to active and veteran military members for use at PX's (shopettes) and commissaries.
*Out-of-date coupons will still be honored. You may put coupons in the basket in the Narthex (foyer).



Christian Assistance Ministries (C.A.M.)

We are always needing to restock our shelves for those who will need assistance.
All donations are appreciated. Thank you for your generosity!

The following are the most needed C.A.M. Foods:

Canned Vegetables -- Canned Fruit --  Boxed Cereals -- Canned Beans

Soups -- Meats -- Rice (1 lb commercial box or bag) -- Ramen -- Noodles -- Jello

Gently worn clothes, especially work clothes for men, and linens are also welcome!


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