July 2020 Issue

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From Our Pastor.....
We are so very fortunate that we live in a country that affords us so many freedoms, and that we serve a God who gives us free will or freedom of choice. Freedom is complicated. Freedom and responsibility go hand-in-hand. We can’t really have one without the other when we live in community.

Living in community usually brings us joy, but living in a time of a pandemic is a grim reminder that there are costs and challenges to community as well. As we reopen and come out of isolation, each of us is called to take personal responsibility to help meet the challenge to curb the spread of a potentially deadly virus so that the cost won’t be so high. We have a choice. We have the freedom to wear a mask or not, to social distance or not, to wash our hands for the umpteenth time or not.

This freedom comes with the fact that we’re also partially responsible for the health and welfare of others. The steps we take (or don’t take) affect other people exponentially. For instance, young people are being encouraged to think of their grandparents who could be unwittingly infected by someone young and asymptomatic.

For me, the choice is simple – to love or not to love. I don’t like wearing a mask. It muffles my voice, fogs up my glasses when I forget to tuck it under the lenses, and doesn’t allow me to show my smile to people who may need one. I don’t’ like awkwardly backing away from people when they get closer than six feet from me; I’d rather embrace them. Yet, I do these things precisely because I love them. I don’t want possibly to harm them without even knowing it. So, I will endure the mask and distance – and pray for a vaccine – because I live in community and because there’s something I do want to spread – the gospel of Jesus Christ!

The fact that we live in community makes spreading good things easier too. A kind word to someone having a difficult day or an encouraging word to someone facing a challenge, a monetary gift to further ministry, a covered dish to an ill person, sharing a devotional to help someone understand how God works in our lives, there are so many ways to spread the good news Christ brought. So, let’s spread the good and keep the potentially harmful to ourselves!

Stay safe. Be well.

Pastor Sheree

Re-Opening Committee

As you know, the church has formed a committee to plan how to re-open the church for sanctuary worship. We all miss each other and long to worship God together in person. We also remember that our mandate is to love our neighbor. How can we best worship God while we’re loving our fellow worshipers?

Our charter is to figure out HOW not WHEN to re-open

Our first step was to gather information:

  • We called local churches to understand where they were in this process and what their experience had been. This included First UMC, Hunt UMC, Gaddis UMC (Comfort), Zion Lutheran, Trinity Baptist. We are all wrestling with the same issues and have the same purpose, so this was very helpful. We will stay in touch with all of them.
  • We have completed extensive review of the
    • information from Federal and State Governments,
    • guidance from our UMC Conference
    • experience of other churches across the US.
  • We have conducted a survey of a good portion of our SPUMC congregation.
    • We polled 28 members, asking for their thoughts on how best to re-open
    • The very strong message was “Go Slow, Go Safe. We have too much to lose”.

Our next step is, based on this information, to put together our preliminary plan.
Then proceed through review & approval steps.
We next meet on Monday 7/13. Hopefully things will look better by then.

If you have questions or ideas, or would like to volunteer be part of this planning effort, please contact Brian Mitchell at bmitch@ktc.com or 830-377-7129.

Or chat with any of the committee members: Dolores Schroeder, Dave Rush, Doug Wilbourn, Bob Watson, and Mary Anne Hopper.

Or forward your ideas through the Pastor.

Sincerely, Your re-open committee.

From your SPRC committee....

It is with sadness and joy that we have accepted the resignation of Judy Phillips as Administrative Assistant and Audio-Visual Technician.  We will be sad to see Judy go and we truly appreciate the work that she has done for our church.  We’re also glad for her and her family in that their family trucking business is growing and is, therefore, requiring more of her time.  We pray that they will have continued success!

Judy has graciously agreed to stay with us for a reasonable time while we work to fill these positions.  Please know that your Staff Parish Relations Committee has already begun working on this.  We are working on job descriptions and avenues of advertisement.  If you know of anyone with expertise in either of these areas, please tell them that we will be accepting applications soon.  We also ask you to hold Judy, her family and our church in prayer as we go forward.

God Bless and Keep you Safe

Skipper Lister
Chair, Staff Parish Relations Committee


Please join us for this Sermon Series

Life is sometimes hard, seldom fair, always complicated, and occasionally we manage to make it worse – Then, God gets a hold of us. We see all of this in Jacob. He was a scoundrel who became Israel (“one who wrestles with God”), the father of the twelve tribes of Israel. As we explore his life, let’s see what we can learn from him about God and ourselves.

July 5 – Jacob Wrestles with Esau: The Classic Power Struggle
Genesis 25:19-34

July 12 – Jacob on the Run: You Can Run but You Can’t Hide
Genesis 28:10-19a

July 19 – Jacob Wrestles with God: The Ultimate Surrender, the Ultimate Win
Genesis 32:22-31

Facing Your Giants Online Bible Study

In this FREE 6-week video Bible study, Max will share how God triumphs in our circumstances. So load your slingshot with five stones---past, prayer, priority, passion, and persistence---and get ready to conquer with God's help!

To REGISTER for this study, go to the link below and enter your email address. It’s that easy and so give it a try!

Click Here to Register

As a member of this study you will have access to the following:

  • Facing Your Giants Online Bible Study starts June 15, 2020 and ends July 27, 2020 (six weeks).
  • Every Monday morning you’ll receive an email message with a VIDEO LESSON and that week’s information.
  • Each lesson's video is available free one week at a time. There will be a catch-up week to watch all the videos!
  • The FREE bonus content downloads will be sent to your email inbox.

If you would like to purchase a study book to enhance your study, you can visit one of the following websites:

www.cbd.com             www.lifeway.com          www.cokesbury.com

Jesus, Continued Bible Study by J.D. Greear

Continues through July 26
Audio file and study guide provided each week under the Blogs on the St. Paul’s website.

Jesus told his disciples that the Spirit’s presence inside them would be better than himself beside them. Do you consider your connection to the Holy Spirit so strong and real that you regard his presence in you to be a better advantage than even Jesus himself beside you? Author, J.D. Greear, wrote this study to help you experience that kind of relationship with God through the Holy Spirit. Personal relationship has always been God’s plan.

Session Titles:

1) Why “God in Us” is Better (Week of June 7)
2) The Gospel of God’s Presence (Week of June 14)
3) Surrendered to the Spirit for Mission (Week of June 21)
4) You are Gifted (Week of June 28)
5) The Spirit Shepherd (Week of July 5)
6) Hearing the Spirit Speak (Week of July 12)
7) When God Seems Absent (Week of July 19)
8) God’s Greatest Gift (Week of July 26)

Thank you to all the Virtual Cooking Camp Volunteers!

A great team of worker bees made it possible for St. Paul’s to offer a Virtual Cooking Camp for 35 children and their families. The camp was held June 22-25 and the theme was the “Bee-Attitudes”. Campers were able to go online and view a pre-recorded video for each day which included an opening, skit, story, cooking session, and closing. We also provided craft packets for each child and the children and families were also encouraged to make the recipes at home.

A special thank you to Judy Phillips who recorded all of the sessions and put together the videos!

Our WORKER BEES included:

Queen Bee - Sue Owens
Honey Bee - Markayla Phillips
Stinger Bee - Mattie Phillips
Story Bee - Janan Hall
Cooking Bee - Susen Cusenbary
Craft Bees - Mary Howell and Stormy Armstrong
Craft Helper Bees - Aubin Cloyd, Darleen Allan,
                                Stacy and Abigail Michalak
Kitchen Helper Bee - Leslie Russell
Bumble Bees - Macy & Hannah Reasoner
Helper Bees - Dolores Schroeder & Pastor Sheree
Technology Bee
- Judy Phillips


Here’s hoping all of you are staying well and enjoying getting out a bit more these days! We have certainly missed getting together for our monthly meetings of UMW, but look forward to starting up again in September if all works out!

Our first scheduled meeting will be September 8, at 1:30 in the church parlor and will be the program entitled “I Am the Light” presented by Dawne Church. Keep your fingers crossed and pray that all goes as planned and we all stay safe and healthy throughout the summer!

Take care and enjoy this summer season.
Blessings, Louise Rush



The mission emphasis for July is the Hill Country Youth Ranch. Established in 1977, the ranch is a non-profit, charitable corporation licensed by the Texas Dept. of Family/Protective Services to provide long term therapeutic care for abused and orphaned children at all levels of need. HCYR operates three campuses, all located in the Kerrville/Ingram area. All three feature family style homes, state of the art charter schools for grades K-12, amazing recreational facilities and spacious, beautiful grounds. HCYR offers a broad continuum of services, including residential treatment for severely traumatized children, family care for those who have stabilized, transitional living for young adults and life-long, family based support for alumni. Many members of our congregation volunteer at HCYR and this month we have the opportunity to join them in supporting this wonderful and very important ministry.

As always, your generosity is greatly appreciated.



Are you in need of a facemask?

We understand that sometimes you must get out to go to a doctor's appointment or pick up prescriptions, etc. As you know, we have been encouraged by our national and state leaders to wear masks when we must go out. We at St. Paul's wanted to let you know that two of our church members, Carol Pope and Ruth Steele, have made face masks and would like to share them with you.
You will need to call Carol or Ruth if you would like a mask and make arrangements with them to get one. Their phone numbers are below.

Carol -- 830-377-1412
Ruth -- 830-739-7052

Thank you, Carol and Ruth, for your generosity!



Technology Corner…..

The year is half gone already!

The last couple month have been busy me technology wise working on the videos for the virtual Cooking Camp  and the daily devotional videos from Tom, Marsha and Dan. 

 I would like to give a few reminders for Sundays:

  1. Emails with a link to the Livestream are sent on Saturday evenings and on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am. You are welcome to forward these links to anyone you think would like to join us online.
  2. Facebook posts with the link are posted every every Saturday evening and Sunday Mornings at 10:00 am. Please share these posts to your timeline and invite others to join us on Sunday Morning. Thank you to those who are already doing so. I have seen a couple visitors through the posts. 
  3. Please help us out with attendance tracking by letting us know you are watching the Livestream, whether it is 10:30 or another time later in the day orduring the week. You can do this several ways:
    • Comment or Like the Livestream video. You will need to log in to Livestream if you have an account to do this, and it does not have to be during the actual live video.
    • Send an email to office@spumctx.org to let us know you were there or reply to the automated email you received.
    • Like, share and/or comment on Facebook. 
    • Leave a comment on the website
    • Call the office and let us know!

There is one new thing we are doing to help spread our worship service to all. We are now posting the entire service on Facebook after the end of the service. You can share this with others as well. I am looking into ways to similtanueously post a live video to Facebook, but have not found a way yet that is not somewhat costly. 

Have a wonderful 4th of July and see you on Sunday!

Be Blessed,

Judy L. Phillips
Technology Coordinator




Dan Sebesta & Marsha McCoy-Sebesta - 07/05
Leland & Vicki Clancy - 07/06
Eddie & Rosalie Pinson - 07/10
Bradley & Wendy Sherrer - 07/13

Glenn & Bib Wittge - 07/22
Susan & Roberto Breda - 07/26



Rev. Boyd Harris - 7/1

Ruth Steele - 7/1

Dawn L. Menck - 7/1

Matt Tafoya - 7/1

Dolores Schroeder - 7/2

Judy Phillips - 7/3

Drake Reid - 7/9

Art Reinhardt Jr. - 7/10


Lois Shaw - 7/14

Carroll Faught - 7/16

Pepper Brown - 7/18

Susan Breda - 7/19

Jack Masor - 7/21

Al Bohler - 7/22

Laura Laing - 7/26

Joyce Wilson - 7/28

Founder’s Story – A Journey of Faith

This is my commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you. John 15:12

Gary Priour, founder of the Youth Ranch, graduated from Harvard University in 1969 with a major in English Literature. He taught high school and college before devoting himself full-time as a single parent to the care of his 2-year-old son. His involvement with abused and abandoned children began in 1972 when, at his day-care center in Portland, Oregon, a mother left a 3-year-old girl for whom she did not return. He has been involved with the care of such children ever since.

For additional information, please see their page by clicking here.


Local Ministries we support year around


The Christian Women's Job Corps is collecting and sending coupons (from newspapers or magazines) to active and veteran military members for use at PX's (shopettes) and commissaries.
*Out-of-date coupons will still be honored. You may put coupons in the basket in the Narthex (foyer).



Christian Assistance Ministries (C.A.M.)

We are always needing to restock our shelves for those who will need assistance.
All donations are appreciated. Thank you for your generosity!

The following are the most needed C.A.M. Foods:

Canned Vegetables -- Canned Fruit --  Boxed Cereals -- Canned Beans
Soups -- Meats -- Rice (1 lb commercial box or bag) -- Ramen -- Noodles -- Jello
Gently worn clothes, especially work clothes for men, and linens are also welcome!

For more information found in this newsletter or on our calendar of events
please visit our website at 

You can also find links to to upcoming Sunday Livestreams and much more!

Find us on Facebook!   @StPaulsUMCKerrville

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Pastor Sheree Harris - pastor@spumctx.org 
Church Admin Assistant, Judy Phillips -- office@spumctx.org
Programs Coordinator, Sue Owens – programdirector@spumctx.org
Financial Secretary, Lisa Jeffcoat - finance@spumctx.org 
Technology Coordinator, Judy Phillips - webadmin@spumctx.org
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